Thursday, May 5, 2011

Too Hot!

It's starting to get hot in the San Joaquin Valley. To comply with the law and help prevent heat-related illnesses, employers must ensure certain safety practices are employed. First, people working outside in hot weather should drink at least 4 cups of water per hour.  Thus, employers must provide a sufficient and readily accessible supply of clean, cool, water.
In California, employers must provide shaded areas that are ready to use once temperatures reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Acceptable shaded areas are described in the California Code of RegulationWhen temperature reach or exceed 95 degrees Farenheit, additional high-heat procedures should be implemented.  Such procedures include ensuring that effective communication is maintained; observing employees for alertness and signs or symptoms of heat illness; reminding employees to drink water throughout the workday; and closely supervising new employees.

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